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My Third Trimester Survival Kit, on a Shoestring

My second trimester had its own quirks, but all in all was pretty bearable. Now, well into my third trimester, I have developed some coping strategies and collected a few simple tools that I’ve found handy when facing this new frontier. 

This list of 13 budget-friendly things are helping me get through the weird changes to my body and helping me prepare for the baby, but I’m not there yet! With three weeks to go until my due date, please let me know in the comments if there is anything that you did or used to get you through those final weeks and ready for the new arrival.

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My Weirdest Pregnancy Craving

So it’s been a while now since I’ve blogged, but I’m pleased to make a return and I come bearing news that my husband and I are expecting a child! My husband already has a wonderful daughter, who just turned 12, but for me, this is my first pregnancy and its surprised me in many ways.

The strange insomnia that keeps me awake for no apparent reason for hours on end, the frequent nosebleeds, the leg cramps; I’d never realised all of these were common complaints of pregnancy. I did know though that it was normal to develop some cravings.

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9 Things You Might Not Realise Before Moving to the UAE

Planning on moving to the UAE? Or maybe you already live here but an old friend has reached out to you who is considering a new job prospect in the Emirates and wants to know what life here is like.

Things I take for granted now I sometimes forget used to baffle and confuse me, until a new person lands in town and they ask the questions that were once on my mind too. And then there’s the insider knowledge that someone new to the country should be armed with, but would never think to ask.

Based on my own experiences and those of people who came after me, here is my list of nine things that you may need to know, want to know, or just be interested to know about moving to the United Arab Emirates. Continue reading “9 Things You Might Not Realise Before Moving to the UAE”

The Garden City: Five Reasons Why UAE Residents Should Visit Al Ain

The UAE is a pretty small country, and whilst there is certainly a lot to do in the cities, it still boggles my mind how some residents often don’t get much further than the confines of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the long, straight highway that connects them.

There are a number of places to explore across the seven Emirates, many of which aren’t publicised as well as they could be, but Al Ain, as the second largest city in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, is hardly a hidden away. It’s got a lot to offer and its not that far away.

With the bus fare from only AED 25 one way, you shouldn’t need any more excuses to skip brunch next Friday to go and check it out. But in case you still need a little more persuading, here are my top five things to do in Al Ain. Continue reading “The Garden City: Five Reasons Why UAE Residents Should Visit Al Ain”

Arsenal Supporters in Abu Dhabi, Look No Further

Now, I would be doing my darling husband a disservice if I did not give some information on here about the new arm of the Official UAE Arsenal Supporters Club, that he recently set up, right here in Abu Dhabi. 

Here’s a quick overview of the supporters club in Abu Dhabi; where they meet, how to join and most importantly, what drinks deals are on offer!

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Top Things to do with Visitors in Abu Dhabi: A Five Day Plan

I moved to Abu Dhabi two and a half years ago, and in that time I’ve had over 25 visits from friends and family from back home. I bang the drum for Abu Dhabi as a place to live. I think life here is great, but for a tourist it can often seem quite a strange and confusing place.

As a host, I sometimes flounder as I try to remember the best things to do with guests. There are only a few ‘sights’ to see and no pedestrianised centre to the city. It’s not like Paris, or Rome or Budapest, where you could take a walk out of your front door and find historic charm and interest on every corner. Abu Dhabi does have a lot to offer, but you need know where to look. If you are a tourist or a guide, it’s often best to be armed with a plan.

So if you are visiting and want to make the most out of your trip, or are hosting and want to show your guests a good time, here is my suggested agenda to squeeze the best out of Abu Dhabi. Continue reading “Top Things to do with Visitors in Abu Dhabi: A Five Day Plan”

Ten Interesting Islands of Abu Dhabi: From Sandbanks to Shrimp Farms

Out of all the 200+ islands in Abu Dhabi, there are probably a few you know very well.

There’s the main Abu Dhabi Island, at the heart of everything. Al Reem, with its shiny residential buildings and Al Maryah, the financial hub. There’s also Saadiyat, the promised destination for all thing culture and Yas Island for fun, with it’s water park F1 track and the Du concert venue.

But just within a stone’s throw, or a short boat ride away, there are lots more with interesting themes or features of their own. Continue reading “Ten Interesting Islands of Abu Dhabi: From Sandbanks to Shrimp Farms”

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