Lorna KingAbout me

Hey I’m Lorna. For those of you who don’t know me, I like Abu Dhabi. A lot.

It’s not perfect but its definitely got a lot to offer. I’ve lived in the UAE since 2012, having moved from Bolton, UK and I’m having a ball. I fell in love here, and am now married to the wonderful George King and expecting our first child.

By day, I work as a Digital Marketing Associate for Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi*, and the rest of the time I like to get out and about to explore more of what expat life has to offer.

I’m a retired seasonairre, lifetime diarist, failed back packer, pre-loved clothing enthusiast, and when winter comes around, I love to hike and camp across the UAE and Oman.

*Please note this blog is written in an entirely personal capacity. All views and suggestions in posts via @DotLorna accounts on Instagram, Twitter and on this blog, in no way reflect those of Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi or Mubadala

About this blog

Wherever I am, I work hard at seeking new things to see and do. I’ve come to terms with the fact that my hobbies don’t tend to last and that I’m more of a ‘sampler’ in life, than a woman driven by one obvious passion.

I have noticed however, one thing has been omnipresent throughout. I’ve always been a diarist of some description.

From innocent doodled notebooks as a kid; to reams of angsty teenage essays; to a series of scrap books documenting my holiday repping days across Europe. I eventually complemented this hodgepodge series of books and binders with more digital methods, as I shifted into the 21st century and adulthood.

If you follow my Instagram account you may not see a string of perfectly poised glamour shots or beautifully crafted object arrangements. Its simply a blow by blow account at the things I’ve seen or done that day. A bank of memories.

Despite carving a career in the digital field, I’m still tied to the scratch of pen to paper. As social media moves on, breaking us down into broadcasts of 140 characters, so too has my handwritten diary habit been morphed into time fraught snippets.

The last couple of years I’ve been keeping a one-line-a-day diary. I find it a simple but rewarding exercise, it pushes me to count at least one thing each day that was wonderful. I’ve discovered that if I forget to update my diary entries, even for a couple of weeks, there are some days that are entirely lost to my memory already. So I like to get my thoughts down to have and to hold.

This blog is just an extension of that. It combines a love for exploring new experiences and a fondness of documenting them as I go. An archive of my thoughts and adventures.

I’ve had a lot of cool opportunities and experiences along the way, as has everyone. Here’s to sharing them – to learning and benefiting from each other’s knowledge and tips.

These are a few of my favourite things. Hoping you’ll tell me yours too.