Now, I would be doing my darling husband a disservice if I did not give some information on here about the new arm of the Official UAE Arsenal Supporters Club, that he recently set up, right here in Abu Dhabi. 

Here’s a quick overview of the supporters club in Abu Dhabi; where they meet, how to join and most importantly, what drinks deals are on offer!

The Arsenal UAE Supporters Club was set up and given official status by Arsenal FC in 2009. Over the past 6 they’ve seen their paid up club membership grow to in excess of 400. Now, the Abu Dhabi branch joins them, as the latest of the officially affiliated supporters clubs from across the world.

The New Abu Dhabi Branch

Arsenal Fans in Abu Dhabi | George in 1972
George, my husband, proudly sporting his Arsenal shirt back in 1972.

George, my husband (also known as David, to complicate things), has been a Gooner his whole life. He has sat for several years on the committee of the Dubai core of the UAE supporters club. After we met, he eventually succumbed to the charms of Abu Dhabi and we set up home here. He travelled back to Dubai for the big matches but missed out on a lot of the games, never really finding the right venue to go and watch the match in his new home city.

After looking into it, he struck up a deal with the management at Harvesters Pub in The Holiday Inn Downtown, on Electra Street (Sheikh Zayed the First Street). They offered to play all the matches with English commentary, where available, and offer a ‘home’ dedicated to Arsenal supporters to enjoy the matches together.

What the Membership Includes

Arsenal Fans in Abu Dhabi | Watch the Match
Watch the match with fellow Gooners and enjoy members drinks deals and more

The annual membership fee is only AED 50 and for this small amount you will get a shiny new Arsenal UAE membership card, receive 25% discount on all food and beverage from the bar, as well as get access to match tickets for home games at the Emirates Stadium.

Harvesters will also have additional special deals on different beverages each match for members (including selected pints at 25 AED, pitchers at 60 AED and bucket deals too).

How to Become a Member

Arsenal Fans in Abu Dhabi | George Today
George with the original FA cup last year in Dubai

If you would like to become a member, start by signing up to the Official Arsenal Supporters Club, Abu Dhabi Branch Meetup group to ensure you receive information and details of  match day meetings. To officially join, head to Harvesters on the listed match days to pay your membership fee, and collect your card.

If you happen to be based in the neighbouring emirate, you can find out more details about the Dubai group here.